How does SEO impact your business?

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How does SEO impact your business? While creating a website using WordPress or in general you may have come across the word SEO quite often. Not only websites hold a major impact due to this but also help you as a business to grow. So how actually does SEO help you with any search engine platform in general, we will discuss all of that.

How does SEO impact your business?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process under which the search engine will find the organic results and direct the traffic to that website on their page. However, there is a misconception going on currently about SEO helping you to “rank” your website. But all SEO actually does is to help the search engine crawler to go through the content of the website and find out the most relevant one.

                Here we discovered two more terms to get known with Search Engine and Crawler. A search engine can be any complex software program that is designed to gather information from the WWW (World Wide Web) to the user in the most convenient way. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc are the search engines among which 90% of the world population chooses Google as their most preferred search engine. 

All the Search Engines be it Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc have their own crawlers (scanner) which help them to scan the information available on every single website which is public. However, under the scanning, they read the HTML codes to understand the page structure, meaning and type of content, and the time of creation and upload. Further, these websites are assembled by indexing and then only the search engine will rank the website.

Types of SEO:

How does SEO impact your business?

There are 3 major types of SEO:

1. White Hat SEO: A process under which all the Search Engine guidelines are followed. It is a slow process to gain ranging but is considered the most long lasting thus the term used Ethical and organic SEO.

2. Black Hat SEO: In this process, none of the Search Engine guidelines are applied and is considered a false practice. It is considered a quick way to gain ranking but is mostly short-lasting. However, there is a risk that the Search Engine may Black List your website.

                Paid links, keyword stuffing, cloaking, article spinning, hidden links, and hidden texts are also the techniques used in Black Hat SEO.

3. Grey Hat SEO: It is a practice where 95% of the White Hat technique and 5% of the Black Hat technique is used.

Growing Business with SEO:

To help your business grow using SEO is a better approach rather than using old methods such as commercials on TV, newspaper advertisement, or radio announcement. Since most of the world’s population prefers search engines to gather information regarding a particular topic, this rise a chance of ranking your website. However, all you need to do is to use specific long-term keywords. That will help the user narrow down their search. Along with that, having a nice attractive website with details related to your business, contact us, location, and help support can also be effective.

SEO Specialist will help you target the factors that will help you achieve SEO ranking which are:

  • Objective: To narrow down your goals and interest related to your site.
  • Keywords: List down the long-term keywords that will make your content unique.
  • Products: Specifying the product details and why it is better, user’s review, etc.
  • Competition: Knowing your competition and what is required to make your website look better, work effectively, and provides customer satisfaction.
  • Location: Pinpointing the area that you want as a prime focus of your business.
  • Point of difference: Establishing a difference between the services and goods provided by your website with respect to your competitor.
  • Sales process: Pricing of products, ordering, payment method, shipment, refund or return policy, tracking details. And delivery everything must be covered and considered for the customer benefit and brand loyalty.
  • Target Market: What is the ongoing demand of the customer, with the most searched list will make you strategies the market planning which in turn will help you gain few customers in the start and the numbers will start increasing with time and trend. 

Impact of SEO on your Business:

1. It helps people find your business.

2. It is a long term strategy.

3. It is cost efficient and relatively cheaper than media advertisement.

4. It plays an important role in search engine traffic gain for your website.

5. Ranking is improved with worthy content.


As a small-scale business or a large-scale business holder, your prime focus should be on creating a website that follows the current trends and marketing strategies. With The Web Agency, we not only help you create a website. But our team of professionals helps you achieve your target. There are lots of web developers that will promise you to achieve an SEO ranking overnight which is a sham. However, You can visit our website to know our achievements related to website development.

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How does SEO impact your business?
How does SEO impact your business? While creating a website using WordPress or in general you may have come across the word SEO quite often
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