Node js vs Django vs Laravel: Which is better Technology?

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Node js vs Django vs Laravel: Before diving right into the differences between Node JS, Django, and Laravel, let’s know the main terms used while going through these frameworks. As we know to develop a website, app, or API we need a certain framework to work with but always end up getting confused among the choices provided.

                Not only that, if you are a beginner and want to learn the among the given framework you might as well think which one to choose from as Node JS, Django and Laravel use different languages.

Node js vs Django vs Laravel

What is a framework?

A framework is a predefined structure or guidelines inside which we will write codes that are used to create an application. It consists of codes that have already been built using which you can create different projects. These tools can be functions, libraries, etc which are typed in Java, C sharp, or PHP language to help you not to rewrite the whole code but to reuse it.  

What are frontend and backend?

The front end is actually the client-side in the browser that an end-user can visually interact with. Front-end development is created keeping in reference the structure, creation, and design of the website, app, or any other project. It is created using HTML (HyperText Markup Language), JavaScript, and CSS (Cascade Sheet Style) which are the languages that any web browser can easily read. 

Node js vs. Django vs. Laravel
Node js vs Django vs Laravel

                The back-end is the server-side programming that the end-user cannot see or interact with directly. It is a combination of database and software written in the server-side language. The back end interacts with the front end via the server. 

Node JS: JavaScript being the most popular programming language with many other languages, the popularity has grown overages since the development of V8. V8 is the javascript engine which is the most powerful engine among the rest due to its conversion of code into machine code making it much faster.

                Node JS came into the picture when the developers decided to create a run time environment with the help of a V8 engine to work for the machine using which we can build stand-alone applications.

Django: It is an open-source web framework in Python which is used to develop web applications and websites. It has all the components to look up to along with multiple features. This framework helps you can create websites by combining them with different supports such as Ajax, HTML, CSS, etc.   

Laravel: It is a very stable server-side framework build on PHP language for PHP which is famous for simplifying complex functionalities.  

Node JS vs Django vs Laravel:

Node JS is not a framework but a run time environment using which we can execute javascript on the server-side.Django is an MBT i.e. Model Built Template frameworkLaravel is an MBC i.e. a Model View Controller framework
Built on Java Script V8It is built on PythonBuilt on PHP
It is fast in response than Django and Laravel.Faster in speedAfter the release of PHP 7 Laravel is faster
 Python provides costly web hosting servicesWhen hosting a service PHP is cheaper
NPM (Node Package Manager) provides pre-written javascript codes which makes it challenging.It is very easy to understand in terms of codingIt is a bit difficult
Node JS being used by 53% of the web developers uses it as the first preference.Django comes after the Laravel as the most popular framework.The most popular backend framework used among the other frameworks
Used by Netflix, PayPal, Uber etcUsed by YouTube, Instagram etc 
User friendly communityGood community supportConsistent working Community
 In terms of security Django is better than Laravel.It use hash password and encrypted database which makes it highly secure. 


The framework you chose practically depends upon the programming language you are comfortable with. WordPress is a platform that creates websites that are based on PHP and are a success. If you are working or going to work for an IT company rather than ask which programming language you use, it is wise to ask which framework you work on as even the PHP, Python, and Node Js have different frameworks. And as a beginner who is interested in programming. It is wise to choose Java Script as it is the most popular language and is still growing since 1995.

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Node js vs Django vs Laravel: Which is better Technology?
Node js vs Django vs Laravel: Which is better Technology? Node js vs Django vs Laravel: Before diving right into the differences between Node JS, Django, and Laravel, let's know the main terms used while going through these frameworks
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