Confused about hiring a Freelancer or a Web Development Company?

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Freelancer or a Web Development Company: The most important thing for an entrepreneur or a budding businessman is to showcase their potential first starting from cities, states, and then all over the globe. Most of them have an already setup company while others prefer a digital market to get recognized. But as soon as it comes to creating your own website we usually give up this thought when we see the amount of work and skills we require for it.

                The question is what to look for and whom to give this authority to represent our company? In this process, we met a lot of potential web developers who either have a team dedicated to working on your goal. Or a freelancer who has invested their time in research and projects solely.

                The question is more about reliability, authenticity, progress rate. And what you will achieve at the end of the target time. To get you a clear picture of what you are dealing with. Here is a list of pros and cons that will help you evaluate your options and to get a better guide of what you should opt.

Why hire a Freelance Web Developer?

Freelancer or a Web Development Company

Freelancers are independent contractors who are not linked with any company as an employee and are not committed to any organization or company for a longer duration. Although there are sites dedicated to freelancers where you can hire one. For a particular kind of job, here is a list of why as an investor or businessman you should choose one:

 1. Recommendation: A well-successful organization that is working with a freelancer. Recommended you one to suit your needs and demands for your project. In this case, you don’t have to look from among hundreds of freelancers on the list. And as the previous company has worked with one. The works they have done will be the reflection of their potential. This will help you buy some time and can rely on that person.

2. Low budget: If you are planning a startup company and hiring a web development company does not suit your budget. You can choose a freelancer under your budget that will help you accomplish a better website from their experience.  

3. Small Project:  Mostly if you are dealing with a small project like building a small website or updating your website. Hiring a freelancer is a smart choice as you don’t need to have an appointment for that. You will get anyone available according to the price you are offering and sometimes your whole work will be done securely online.

4. Availability: This is one of the advantages of having a freelancer working for you; they schedule their timing according to our requirement.

Why hire a Web Development Company?

A Web Development Company usually comprises of a team dedicated to provide IT related solutions along with latest updates and technology. Here is a list of why you should select a web development company:

Freelancer or a Web Development Company
Freelancer or a Web Development Company

1.  Dedicated Team: In a Web Development Company there is a dedicated staff. That will help you to utilize your thought process in real-time projects with design. Not only that these companies will help have you understood your own project. But also helps you make it client-friendly, SEO optimized and also updates on website features.   

2. On-time Project: Your website will be managed by a team of professionals. They will also make sure that you get your project on time hassle-free.

3. Latest tools: The software, themes, fonts, new styles all will be added to your website. Along with modern methods to gain traffic for your site to make it look more attractive.

4. Reliable environment: To have your project and money in the hands of trusted company will not only be assuring but with them involving you to the project will give you a better result.

5. Updates: With a company working for you there technical staff will make sure that your website is bug-free. All the updates are also been taken care of along with the rest of the personal company requires time to time.

Why you should not hire a Freelancer?

1. Risk of not getting your project on time which will result in a major loss to the company and decreases the reliability factor.

2. The unprofessional environment- Since the freelancer will never have experienced a professional environment they are likely to be unaware of how to deal with such a background.

3. Lack of skills- Mostly freelancers are specialized in some technical skills and are updated regarding these tools which is helpful but they always lag behind some things as they are a single person working on a system rather than a group of trained professionals. 

4. Large projects cannot be hand-over on time. As their working space differs from company they usually suffer from punctuality so if you want a small project to get done then it is recommended to go for that, else you can always hire a company.

5. Lack of commitment- As they work according to the needs of people they are usually not there to help with an update of software comes in.

                On the other hand the only con in a Web development company is that it can be very costly, but on the other hand as you need to hire multiple freelancers to work on a single project you can always adjust and opt for this option.


If you want to hire a web development company or a freelancer you need to invest your time and effort in finding one. Which you can easily afford and have a great record with handling projects for companies. Sometimes web development companies can be cheaper than a freelancer. And all you need to do is to invest in the process.

                The Expert Web Agency is an IT solution company known all over the Gulf countries as well as in India. Dedicated to helping you achieve your projects related to any professional or personal business projects. We charge for the dedication and investment that we offer.  

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Confused about hiring a Freelancer or a Web Development Company?
Freelancer or a Web Development Company: The most important thing for an entrepreneur or a budding businessman is to showcase their potential first starting from cities, states, and then all over the globe.
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