Website Care Plans

We don’t only make it We also take Care of your website with our best Website Care Plans. So you don’t have to be worried about the Updates, Security,Backups and all.

Detailed Information on Website Care Plans

As part of this service, you will receive the following Benefits:

  • Automated backups prior to every update.
  • Management of all core, plugin, and theme updates on a weekly basis.
  • Review of the WordPress site directly after update implementation to verify no issues occurred as a result.

Backups are another essential piece of WordPress Care Plans. regular backups are like a protection of your investment. If a plugin update should take the site down, if an employee went rogue and introduced some unwanted updates to the content, or if a hacker targets the site, having a freshly saved copy of your database is critical to reversing the damage and getting your site back up and running well in no time.We will take Fresh Monthly backup to keep your website data safe and secure.

The extraordinary popularity of WordPress has made it a very inviting target for hackers, so more of them are being drawn to WordPress sites. This makes WordPress security an even more critical aspect of our Website Care Plan. Your security services will include:

  • Implementation of a firewall (if there isn’t one yet).
  • Implement of an SSL certification (again, if it doesn’t exist).
  • Installation of a WordPress security plugin.
  • Automated email notifications regarding the site’s security status and warnings.
  • Cleanup assistance after a security breach.

As the name says we will be monitoring your website for Uptime. so it is Live all the time and in case the website is offline we will inform you ASAP!

We will Help you Migrate your website to a different server and will also protect your website Data. 

We will Provide you Technical support on your website as required. This technical support only includes seemingly small troubleshooting tasks or support requests. We can provide support Via different Channels like Skype, WhatsApp, Email, Zoom ETC.

WordPress databases can get messy when they’re left to their own devices. Post and page revisions stack up. Spam comments are unnecessarily logged. Old images, plugins, and themes weigh it down. We will swipe through your Database and will clean all the old unnecessary stuff so your website can stay lean and mean.

We will do a monthly performance assessment or audit. We will look at various areas of the website that could potentially pose problems and give you a bird’s eye view of where we’ve spotted trouble and what our suggested fixes are. Here are the few things that we will be auditing: 

  • Broken links
  • Contact forms and pop-ups
  • Website performance
  • Website security

This is a fairly broad area which includes all the conversational exchanges we might have about how to improve Your site, how to achieve greater efficiencies, how to increase site ranking, etc.

There is often a false sense of security and complacency that comes along with using an SEO plugin in WordPress. It’s definitely essential, but a good SEO strategy requires a lot more work than to just get a “green” score that tells you the meta description is “good” or that you’ve successfully optimised content around a keyword. This will require much more than what a plugin has to offer, including:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive landscape research
  • Internal link building
  • Broken link repair
  • Page speed optimisations
  • Security optimisations
  • Responsive design updates

We will give you the opportunity to constantly test more effective ways to design your website or write your content.

This will be an advisory service whereby we will provide you with helpful suggestions on how to to make optimal use of website content to achieve your business aims.

We will provide you with social media assistance including advising on strategy to indirectly improve the website’s rank.

Email marketing is another essential type of marketing you should be involved in. With this service, you will get:

  •  A newsletter template that we will designed just for your use.
  • Set you up with a new email marketing platform like MailChimp and integrate it with your CRM of choice.
  • Strategise on publishing your website’s newsletter content.

We will do minor design customization on your website as per your choice. Under Premium Plan you will get 5 minor customizations per month and under Business plan you will get 10 minor customizations per month.

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Basic Care Plan
$ 59 Monthly
  • WordPress Updates
  • Backups
  • Security Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Migration
  • Technical Support


Premium Care Plan
$ 99 Monthly
  • Complete Basic plan
  • Website Customizations (5 per month)
  • Database Maintenance
  • Audits
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization (Technical only)
  • A/B Testing
  • Sales Funnel Building consultation
  • Content Marketing Consultation
  • Social Media Marketing Consultation
  • Email Marketing Consultation
Limited Sale


Business Care Plan
$ 199 Monthly
  • Complete Basic plan
  • Complete Premium Plan
  • 10 website design customizations
  • Upto 3 website managed

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