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PSD to WordPress: Before shooting right at the questions with ‘How’ let’s begin with ‘What’ and ‘Why’ to gain more clarity towards the topic. Now the basic foundation of any website is built on coding and designing which is the total sum of creating an attractive and content-focused platform. But what it has to the conversion and what is PSD?

PSD to WordPress
PSD to WordPress pc:

What is PSD?

Photoshop Document (PSD) is the default format used to save images or files that are created in Adobe Photoshop. It allows the user to work with the individual layers of the image even after the file is saved. It is important to know that PSD is a proprietary file. This is used to convert images into a non-proprietary file format and the reverse cannot be done (after conversion).

 Why PSD to WordPress conversion is necessary?

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System as it is open-source and you can easily create a variety of websites on this platform. On the other hand, Photoshop is an amazing web designing tool that can make your website look complete. This process of conversion is the right option if you are looking for a well-modified website to work on. The key benefits you can achieve from this conversion are:

1. Pixel Perfection:  This conversion offers you customized themes of your own choice. This benefits your website to gain the attention of visitors which is important for the business.

2. Responsiveness: With this conversion, the visitors on the website will be able to experience ease in linking with your website by any mode technology such as smartphones, iPads, or laptops. 

3. Customization: The plug-ins in WordPress that help you create a website supporting e-commerce, security, and much more have made the conversion process agreeable. 

4. SEO tools: With WordPress, you can optimize your website with several tools and can help in the conversion. 

PSD to WordPress theme Conversion: 

The process of PSD to WordPress conversion is easy but at the same time a very delicate work. A single mistake can create chaos on your website. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Separating PSD into Images: PSD contains the layers of the image so in this step, you need to split the images and save them individually using Adobe Photoshop. The images you want on your website must be segregated from the rest and make sure these images are less in number. 

               To make the loading time of your website better you can cut the pixels of the images. And can assort them using any online/offline tools. 

2. Creating a page: You must know coding to create a web page and a design using HTML and CSS files which you can write using notepad or any other editing tool. However, after creating both the file separately and saving them with the .html and .css extension you can then add the sliced images in the CSS file. 

3. Integrating files with WordPress: Once both the HTML and CSS file is ready to incorporate them in WordPress and to do so you should know how WordPress works and PHP. 

               Break the code concerning the PHP files to add it in a particular place. The files that are used are index.php, header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php, front-page.php, and comment.php. 

4. WordPress Theme: Choose and download any WordPress theme according to your profession or need and upload it. The current design on the browser will be the theme design. Which you have to replace with your HTML and CSS code. Save the file and check again. 

               Your website is live and you can make further changes on the page according to your vision. 

5. WordPress tools: With thousands of tools in WordPress you can edit the theme by adding the functions to improve the base of any website on daily basis. But make sure even though WordPress is open-source you should not recreate a theme from scratch if you do not have ample knowledge about PHP. 

PSD to WordPress conversion services: 

If you think that recreating a website on your own is a risk you do not want to take then you can always have an option to hire someone to do this job. To avail of such services, you need to know exactly what kind of design. And requirement you want for your website and then a helping hand from a designer comes into play. 

               However, with an everyday update in WordPress and the trend in the market these are the requirements you may want to consider:

1. A WordPress platform that is built on high quality such as Astra, Neve, Divi, etc.

2. A WordPress theme that is SEO friendly, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg supported.

3. Mobile responsive and retina ready.

4. Fast loading.

From whom you can get these services:

At The Expert Web Agency, we make sure to create a well-developed relationship between the client and our team which helps you to express your views and demands freely and help us to provide you the best solution. With over a year we have built our network across the Gulf countries and we are proudly guaranteeing you service including PSD to WordPress conversion, website redesign, WordPress setups, and much more. 

1. PSD to WP Services: With over 7 years of experience in providing services and building more than 1800 websites here you can get your queries resolved within 28 days.

2. Codeable: A design and development platform with freelancers dedicated to helping you get remarkable services at a reasonable range.

3. Fiverr: One of the biggest marketplace where you can find solutions related to any of your WordPress problems or services. The service starts from a reasonable price range and they provide quality services. 

4. PSDGator: With over 1200 completed projects from this service you can get free SEO plug-in installed, theme options, hand-coded theme, Google analytic setup, and much more.

5. PSDtoWP: It offers a fully responsive WordPress site that is convertible from PSD design with is SEO-friendly and fully functional in the WordPress site.

               However, You can find a lot of services available for PSD to WordPress conversion and a helping aid to guide you to achieve your target. Hope our complete guide and reference helped you.  

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