What are the Advantages of WordPress websites?

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What are the Advantages of WordPress: A common question that may occur in the mind of any entrepreneur, artist, or blogger is that out of a lot of platforms, why choose WordPress? What are the benefits of using WordPress? And what advantages WordPress has over the rest of the platforms? 

Before starting right from the pros and cons let’s know what exactly we are relating terms with WordPress which will help clarify your view before diving into the topic.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is open-source (which means it is owned by no one in particular) also it is powerful content management system software that is written in PHP and can be used to create any professional website within an hour. It is easy to download, scalable, and is growing its popularity by becoming easy for those who are unaware of the coding and programming language. 

What are the Advantages of WordPress

What are plug-ins?

An extra piece of software was added to the website to provide improved features and functionality to the WordPress site. In layman’s language, you can relate plug-ins to the apps added to your mobile phone which doesn’t have any other functions or features. 

               There are almost 50,000+ plug-ins with different uses such as the ones which help you rank in search engines, improve performance, optimize the speed of the website, the set up of online shops, etc.  

What is CMS? 

Content Management System (CMS) is a simple procedure to upload pages lives on your website such as blogs, media libraries, images, etc. The top three CMS are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. New e-commerce focused CMS which is budding in the market is Shopify which is relatively good but doesn’t have a community such as WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress: 

1. Free and open source:

 The major advantage of WordPress is that it is free to use which means you have access to the whole website and as it is open-source you can easily study the front end as well as the back end of the software and how it is developed. Also, you can even make updates to the website and so far 32 major updates have been done. Not only that, there are over 60 million websites available on the internet which is created using WordPress.    

2. Easy to Install and Use:

There are no steps to install WordPress as it is a piece of cake moreover it is user-friendly which means you do not to be a professional coding/ programming expert to design your website. Just the basic HTML and PHP language are enough to know the working of the front end as well as the back end to know your game.

What are the Advantages of WordPress websites
What are the Advantages of WordPress

3. SEO friendly:

 As to run a website it should be SEO friendly which WordPress successfully is along with its high-quality plug-ins which makes it better. 

2. Responsive Design: 

Under WordPress, your website can adapt the screen layout easily which is why the resolution of the screen on smartphones, computers, laptops, or other devices will adjust hassle-free. This is because of the responsive themes which prevent the website owner or designer from creating a website specifically for a particular screen i.e. by allowing the website to work on multiple screens. 

3. Media Management:

 To upload various multimedia contents on WordPress, it provides an option that helps you further delete, rearrange, edit or link the same content again on the website. An organized set of files can be seen in WordPress according to the year and month which helps it to work smoothly and besides that plug-ins also allows you to organize the files using specific tags using drag and drop options. 

4. Multiple Theme Options: 

Be it writing a blog, creating your professional website, or showcasing your talent WordPress provides limitless themes that suit your working profession best thus enabling you to enjoy resources beyond your concept. This not only makes WordPress alluring to the customers but also has an impressive impact on the customers, their business and works like wonder for the development of the website as well.   

What are the Advantages of WordPress websites

5. Plug-ins for customizations:

 With more than 50 thousand plug-ins among which most of them are free, you can add a lot of themes to make the website look improved and trendy. In addition to that plug-ins as we know is the framework of WordPress you can use any particular feature and function to build up your website. 

6. WooCommerce for e-commerce:

 WordPress pairs magnificently with Woocommerce to provide an efficient solution for e-commerce development. This integration not only helps the owner but the developer as well.

7. Support multiple languages: 

WordPress provides multilingual options which means the translation of the website you are running can be read in other languages also. This particular feature is not available on any other platform which makes it unique.

               Even though WordPress serves the role of multipurpose source there are still some disadvantages that hold it to compete with other website solutions such as:

What are the Disadvantages of WordPress

1. Not a dedicated solution:

 Although it may seem an advantage WordPress is an open-source platform which means it doesn’t focus on one need in particular. 

2. Hosting: 

It doesn’t provide the hosting of the website itself i.e. the owner needs to purchase the hosting itself to host it on to a fixed server. 

  • But it does provide three options listed:

Fully hosted Business Plan, and Self Hosted among which you can select the hosting option according to your requirement. 

3. High Development Skills:

 WordPress being easy to use you still need to know some basic knowledge about coding to create your website. 

  • A lot of demos after selecting a theme will be available which will help you guide through a specifically targeted website. 

4. Requires developer & administrator: 

If you are new to WordPress then to develop the website you will need a web developer to write the backend work and to help you achieve your website and even after that to manage your website back end you will need an administrator.

  • Knowing even the basics of coding will help you to so further independently with the knowledge in HTML, PHP, or JavaScript.

While comparing WordPress with the rest of the sources such as Shopify, Wix, etc it is very obvious that this solution is way more adaptable than any other solution as they are not free, not SEO friendly, and doesn’t support multi-languages. Plus the millions of themes that are not even provided in any other platform make it secure the place it is already on.

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What are the Advantages of WordPress?
What are the Advantages of WordPress: A common question that may occur in the mind of any entrepreneur, artist, or blogger is that out of a lot of platforms, why choose WordPress?
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