Best WordPress Site Maintenance services for 2021

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Best WordPress Site Maintenance services for 2021: A WordPress maintenance service offers services such as backup of data in case of a security breach, improving the quality and performance of your website, monitoring your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and fixing security vulnerabilities. Running an e-commerce business website can sometimes be a lot of work under WordPress as this open-source platform keeps updating its themes, plugins, security, and new platform version. Also, the process consumes a lot of time and if not updated at a time can create security-related issues.    

Best WordPress Site Maintenance services for 2021
Best WordPress Site Maintenance services for 2021

Here is a list of WordPress Maintenance Service to help you manage your site:

1. Codeable: 

Offering all the basic features of WordPress site maintenance this platform also helps securing your website along with better uptime. 

2. FixRunner: 

It offers a lot of solutions for WordPress such as issues related to backups, speed optimization, themes and plugins updated, fixing bugs, etc. The best part about Fix is that it is affordable. 

3. GoWP: 

An amazing maintenance service provider which offers 24/7 support, also handles backup, updates, security, offers a white-label solution for your website as well. However, the only hesitation is its high price which is better for agencies and huge websites. 

4. Maintain: 

This platform offers live chat support, fixing bugs, updates, setups, hosting, designing and developing a website, security monitoring, etc. However, the basic plan costs very less and even the highest plan comes at a reasonable rate.

5. Newt Labs: 

This Company offers WordPress-related services such as updates, backup, security monitoring, etc. The plan comes under three kinds charging money in Euros and each plan has its benefits and features. However, the Proactive plan offers fixing small bugs, email and live chat support, hack cleanup, regular cloud backup, 24/7 security monitoring, managing WordPress update, and providing WordPress video tutorials. However, the Performance Plan offers all proactive features including WP Smush Pro Plugin, Shared Cloud Hosting, Performance Optimization, SSL Cert & Domain Name Management, Staging Website, Version Control, etc. The Protection Plan also includes all the performance and proactive features including priority support, iThemes security pro plugin, dedicated cloud hosting, additional backup location, firewall, and WP Migrate DB Pro plugin. 

6. Total WP Support: 

If your website is a small or medium-scale business website then you must try this support service at a low price dealing with malware, cleanups, updates, setups, and backups.  

7. Valet: 

A well-known company that supports all website services and offers 3 kinds of plans- basic, professional, and elite. The basic version also includes everyday monitoring, security scanning, backup for themes and plugins, etc. However, the other two plans are expensive not many benefits are offered in these plans. 

8. WP Buffs:

 Under a small budget, you can get all the maintenance features including emergency support, free plugins, white-label solutions, and 24/7 client support, unlimited website edits, mobile optimization, and much more. 

9. WP Maintainer:

 With a single maintenance plan this platform support cleanup, update of all the themes, plugins, and backup of a website along with free web hosting services. 

10. WP Site Care:

 A WordPress-supported maintenance site offering incredible features related to security, hack cleanups, backups, and more under reasonable rates.

11. WP SitePlan: 

Most of the WordPress maintenance services are cheap and affordable which is why some web developers prefer these platforms. It also provides updating of all the WordPress-related themes, plugins, security monitoring, malware fixing, backup of sites, optimizing data, and much more. 

12. WP Tangerine: 

A bit pricy this platform offers a lot more than just usual site maintenance. With improving the SEO optimization, error correction, searching and installation of new updates, daily site maintenance, site transition, and improving loading time this platform is worth spending money on. 

13. WP Tech Support: 

With 24/7 customer support, daily updates, improving high-performance rate, customer panel, and backup of the website both offline and online this platform is a great deal with the lowest price among the rest of the maintenance sites available. 

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