Node js vs Django vs Laravel: Which is better Technology?

Node js vs Django vs Laravel: Before diving right into the differences between Node JS, Django, and Laravel, let’s know the main terms used while going through these frameworks. As we know to develop a website, app, or API we need a certain framework to work with but always end up getting confused among the […]

What are the Steps to Create a Plug-in?

Steps to create a plug-in: Plug-ins are extensions added to the WordPress site used to add specific features and functionality to any website. In WordPress, these plug-ins are written in PHP language and with its help, you can insert any feature in your website without writing any code. There are over +54 thousand plug-ins available […]

Enterprise App Development Service

Enterprise App Development Service: It is in-built software that is crafted specifically to solve problems related to medium or large-scale businesses. This software is usually highly developed for teams, is highly coded and complex with high specialized UI (user interface). It also enhances the operations of the company and makes it easy for employees. Although […]

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